You can communicate well only when you learn and get used to each other’s language.

You can communicate well only when you learn and get used to each other’s language.

Basic posture for communication.

Education first !!



Communication and communication occupy one side of the quadrant among ART NYC’s visions. To communicate smoothly, you must have a similar level of knowledge and interest. Art lovers have greater interest and passion in art than anyone else. I go to art museums, attend gallery exhibitions, and visit art and culture classes hosted by department stores or small galleries. However, it is challenging to open your wallet to buy paintings. This is because I am not sure whether the purchased work will be worth it in the future. It may be because it is difficult to believe what others say, and there is a lack of trust in one’s eyes.

There is no such thing as a budget to buy a painting. Each has good works that fit the price range. The work price varies from 100,000 won to hundreds of billions of won, but if you are a collector, you must choose the best work within your budget. I call it cost-effectiveness. The characteristics of the market vary slightly depending on the price range. Still, I think it can be divided based on 1 million dollars if the market is largely divided into prices. Taste is essential in a market worth less than one million dollars. The same is true for needs under 100 thousand dollars. Even if the work is expensive or not, the collector buys his or her favorite work according to their taste. However, if it exceeds 1 million dollars, the problem is different. From here on, the function as a currency becomes more significant than the function of entertainment enjoyed and appreciated by artworks. Should I say that it’s work that prepares to become money and work that has already become money? If so, which one would be difficult to choose? It is much more challenging to select a piece prepared to become money than work that has already become money. So the smaller the budget, the more you should study art and be sensitive to advanced information. Then, which marketers can make money from art investment? All collectors who purchased works worth less than 1 million dollars will likely become rich in art investment. It may sound too far to say it is 1 million dollars, but all works under 1000 dollars are included.

Collectors who purchase more than 1 billion won in expensive works will already have a diverse portfolio of assets by making a lot of money from other businesses and investing some of them in art. And for them, art is more of a low hedge not to be lost than to make money. When the price of an expensive piece of work skyrockets, there are cases where the price stays in place and falls. Which collector group do you belong to? Most will belong to the collectors’ group of fewer than 1 billion won. As mentioned earlier, what is important in art collecting at this price range is solid basic knowledge. And the goal of the “Becoming Rich with Art Investment” education is to let them learn how to see their works independently.

Conditions for great works of art

So far, the YouTube channel <Artist TV — To be the super rich> is to properly understand the conditions of this “great work of art.” Other contents are spices such as sugar and soy sauce, and the core of this channel is a video that explains the conditions of a great work of art, from the first to the tenth episode. I know it’s hard to understand this with a single explanation. However, it would be best if you did not consider going beyond this process. It should not be forgotten that “Artist TV-To be the super-rich” is not to build up culture but is a journey to become rich through art investment. Quality education is a fundamental process of learning and acquiring each other’s languages in complementary communication. It is a process of taking root to learn the minimum symbols, such as the alphabet.

In the following story, we will examine the “conditions for great works of art” in detail.