Collection: Roberta Gaattel

Introduction: Roberta Gaattel grew up in Venice, where she graduated in Art History (BA at the Academy of Fine Arts), in Philosophy (MA at Ca'Foscar University) and where she continued to study, specializing in Intercultural and Postcolonial Studies (MA in Teaching Italian Language and Culture; Modern and Contemporary History Courses) which led her to work first in Pedagogy and then in
Gender Research. Gaattel's growth has been marked by a constant relationship between study and drawing, which she perceives as complementary. She has never been able to separate her academic research from her artistic production: they have constantly fed and stimulated each other, helping her decipher reality and transmit content. Her relationship with Culture is greedy, dynamic, and omnivorous: She continues to explore and learn. And she continued to be amazed.

Work focuses on the underlying theme of her research, which is relational and communicative. In all her works, she tries to study the relationship between Subject and Object, our private world, and the world in which we live. People and the reality they belong to are both complex products of self and hetero-relationships. She is fascinated by dualisms, the oscillation of human impulses: the attention to oneself and the love for each other, the attempt at dialogue, and the tragic epilogue of incommunicability. She also researched contact between different shapes and languages on
the paper: in her drawings, she worked on both sides of the sheet. Her current research area includes the role of stereotypes in the construction of ideas, the deconstruction of rhetorical devices, the invisibility of discriminated categories in cultural space, social media, and knowledge building.

She has experience working as a history and philosophy teacher in Italian public schools, collaborating with a Venetian Publishing House on an editorial project, and is currently researching women's studies at the University of York. Among her exhibitions: 'The 101st Young Artists Collective" of Bevilacqua La Masa
Foundation (Venice) and "perASPERA Festival of Contemporary Arts" (Bologna).



Women’s Studies MA student. Background in Philosophy, Intercultural and Postcolonial Studies, Art History. Research interests: the role of the stereotype in the construction of ideas, deconstruction of rhetorical devices, invisibility of discriminated categories in cultural space, social media and knowledge building. Work experiences in educational and pedagogical fields.

2024 - present day
MA in Women’s Studies
University of York, York, United Kingdom Working areas:
● citizenship and conflict

● gender and migration

● women and violence

2021 - 2022
Collaboration with Publishing House Helvetia Casa Editrice, Venezia Editorial project, collection of short stories

2018 - 2022
Educational and Pedagogical field Italian State School, several locations
● History and Philosophy school teacher
● Educational interventions in schools to promote transculturality through art
workshops and interactive lessons


2020 - 2022
Ca’ Foscari University, Venice, Italy
MA in Promotion of Italian language and culture for non-Italian speakers, 108/110 Relevant coursework: Gender Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Intercultural Studies
Final dissertation: The concept of Nation, a journey into the history of the word nation to dismantle the historical falsehoods and stereotypes

2018 - 2019
Ca’ Foscari University, Venice, Italy
Teaching Qualification
Modules: Psychology, Pedagogy, Inclusion Teaching, Anthropology

2015 - 2018
Ca’ Foscari University, Venice, Italy
MA in Philosophy, 110/110 cum laude
Relevant coursework: Philosophy of Language, Moral Philosophy, International Relations Final dissertation: The gratuitousness of evil in Augustine’s doctrine, a research on the link between freedom and creativity in patristic thought

2014 - 2015
Ca’ Foscari University, Venice, Italy
Specializing Course in History
Modules: Ancient History, Medieval History, Modern History, Contemporary History

2010 - 2014
Fine Arts Academy, Venice, Italy
BA in Art History, 108/110
Relevant coursework: Theory of perception, Anthropology of Arts, Aesthetics Final dissertation: Cruelty as cognitive tool, Bosch and Dostoevskij compared

2020 - 2021
Ca’ Foscari University, Venice, Italy
Selected participant for Creative Writing Course
Workshop with the writers Tiziano Scarpa and Roberto Ferrucci
Collaboration with independent magazines
Freelancer illustrator for Lahar Magazine Freelancer illustrator for Kappaò Magazine

2016 - 2018
Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, Venice, Italy
Selected participant for 101st Young Artists Collective
Site-specific interactive installation
Exhibition curated by A. C. Bellati, M. L. Brunelli, P. Forni and S. Cecchetto
perASPERA Festival, Bologna, Italy
Selected participant for XI edition of Contemporary Arts Festival Site-specific installation
Exhibition curated by N. Amato
Atelier 3+10, Mestre, Italy
"Terre Ferme", Collective Exhibition curated by S. S. De Burgis Site-specific installation

2013 - 2015
Workshops and Collective Exhibitions in Venice, Italy
Art Night, collective exhibition curated by C. Di Raco; Painting Workshop curated by M. Scavezzon; Drawing workshop curated by M. Pertegato; Independent Analogue Photography Laboratory curated by G. Cecere; Open painting and drawing workshop curated by L. Bendini

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