Established by Jay Kim in New York in 2020, ART NYC is an art investment company that is also a global gallery specializing in modern and contemporary art that exhibition project across the United States, Europe, and Asia. In addition to its galleries, ART NYC is at the forefront of the digital marketplace with innovative online viewing rooms, timed to coincide with major art fairs, that include highly desirable works by today’s leading artists, transparent pricing, historical scholarship, and insightful market analysis.

ART NYC has great art collections such as Alex Katz, Song E Yoon, Gilbert & George, Guiline Kim, Kusama Yayoi, Lucy Sparrow, Chonghak Kim, and many other artists.

ART NYC has long developed cultural programming and events with artists, including performances, exhibition tours, public talks, film screenings, and studio visits. The gallery has long been committed to working with and advising artists on all aspects of their legacy planning.

Now, ART NYC is preparing a new business in METAVERSE for the future art business.


Multimedia collage


  • Guiline Kim

  • songeyoon_essence_2014

    Song E Yoon

  • Alex Katz

  • Chonghak Kim

  • Kusama Yayoi

  • Gilbert & George

  • Lucy Sparrow

  • Dan Ji