Dan Ji’s Kryptos (Where am I from?) Puzzle series

Dan Ji’s Kryptos (Where am I from?) Puzzle series

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Dan Ji’s Kryptos (Where am I from?) Puzzle series

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ART NYC introduces Dan Ji’s ‘2023 Kryptos(Where am I from?) Puzzle series’. This exhibition is a virtual art show by ART NYC, placed in Artplacer. You can click on the link or find ART NYC on the Art placer from 1/4 to 2/15 2023.



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Dan Ji is South Korean dreaming painter based on Australia.Dan Ji was born on the small island of Busan, Young Do, South Korea, in 1985. She graduated from Busan National University, South Korea in 2008. When she was 23 years old traveling to Europe. The traveling was inspired by her life and artwork. She met a lot of people with different personalities and philosophies. She thought she can overcome everything by painting herself. After that, she has a solo exhibition ‘Illusion’ in the Buypeong art space in 2013. That works express her dreams impossible to achieve in her real life. She wants to communicate with inaccessible things like powerful, beautiful, and bigger things. In her painting, we can see giraffes, alligators, elephants, and many other big and beautiful wild animals. She plays with them or carries them by snooping like a pet. But It is not coercive she just wants to care for them. We can see the little girl feed to big animals in her painting. Although the little girl is small and not pretty existence she tries to care and comfort for them. When she was 29 years old she move to Sydney, Australia. There was the perfect area for her art world. She can meet various wild animals such as koalas, penguins, and snakes. Also, Australia is four seasons of nice weather. There is like a paradise for her. She painted her illusion of whatever she wanted to be the strong little girl in her dreams on the canvas. In 2020, Dan Ji started making the story about her painting with ART NYC. The first one is 'Belong to training'. Another one is 'Illusion'. That two kinds of story based on her daily life and the travels of the main character who is a little curious girl in her painting. She will be opening her new painting and storybook. You can meet Dan Ji’s beautiful world with paintings.


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