Carlo Thurtus, Haitian artist

Carlo Thurtus, Haitian artist

New York is fun because you don't know when, where, and what kind of people you will meet. On the way, you can meet Al Pacino at a small cafe you accidentally entered, or you can go to the Gallery to see an exhibition and greet Jude Law with your eyes.

There is a gallery near the bank that I often go to. It seemed like an art class, and sometimes it seemed like artists were exhibiting. I always passed it because I felt like I was showing amateurish works, but today I decided to go in for the first time because some paintings smelled like experts.

A man with curly hair was wearing clothes with paint on them. When I asked if I could take some pictures, he said, "Of course, but why don't we introduce each other first?" I introduced myself and asked what kind of place this was and who ran it. The Gallery was a gallery and art education institution run by a Haitian artist, Carlo thurtus. The artist told the story of his first exhibition and sale of his work. Former President Bill Clinton was his first collector and had several articles in the New York Times as a young man. Like other artists, he was proud of his work. It is said that he did not study art properly. However, as an immigrant from Haiti, he currently runs a gallery and studio in New York as a painter and teaches students.

In the eyes of the exhibition planner, he added a little comment on some displays and event composition. And he promised to show upgraded works and exhibition composition in the next exhibition. Looking inside, I feel like I've found a hidden gem more than I thought on the outside. Why living in New York is fun? That it is.


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