TEFAF New York 2023 Spring

TEFAF New York 2023 Spring

TFAFE is an art fair for high standards of old masters, modernism, and decorative art. Spring season shows in New York usually feature modern and contemporary, while autumn shows feature works from the 1900s, antiques, and artifacts. These days, as more and more galleries want to participate in the art fair, Teppaf has maintained the quality level and added contemporary parts to satisfy the collector's desire.

The TEFAF in New York is held at the Amory Building on Upper East Side Park Avenue, built-in 1880 of bricks and stone, and the building itself is beautiful and has a deep well, making you feel magnificent as soon as you enter the building. The characteristic of the exhibition booth is that due to the nature of the architecture, there are booths that consist of individual rooms, and the largest first-floor booth is covered in sky blue, making it suitable for booths that want to create a dark atmosphere like exhibitions in museums in antiques and decorative art.

Egyptian paintings and Roman pottery, which can only be seen in national museums, show off their beauty here to go to the new owner. They are galleries specializing in antiquities, mainly from Europe. For example, in Korea, antique shops sell Silla-era earthenware and Goryeo-era celadon, which are unknown writers. In addition, there are various spectra, ranging from props at a price range that can be opened if you want to, to very expensive ceramics and sculptures and ceramics.

Collectors who come here are enthusiastic about history. You can see that works such as historical records representing an era are trendy, even if they are not from a famous artist. Among the new works, Native American results painted on paper were very popular. The name "Bear's Heart," 1851-1882, a tribe called Cheyenne, left a deep impression on soldiers dressed in military uniforms carrying guns to Florida and fighting Indians during the pioneering New World era. Sales were also good.

In the case of the jewelry booth, various diamond works by designers are displayed. It could not be more fun than this because it is an art fair where you can try on and buy diamond necklaces and rings the size of significant drops in the name of art for the ladies of Uptown who enjoy shopping at high-end boutiques.

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