Louis Vuitton 200th Anniversary Art Collaboration Exhibition_New York

Louis Vuitton 200th Anniversary Art Collaboration Exhibition_New York



Louis Vuitton's 200th birthday exhibition was held in New York and visited. Unfortunately, perhaps because of the rain, the atmosphere of the exhibition hall was very chaotic.

The exhibition "200 TRUNKS, 200 VISIONARIES: THE EXHIBITION" starts with Louis Vuitton's package house Asniresres, followed by Singapore and Los Angeles, and last to New York. The LOUIS 200 project collaborated with various artists, including Willo Peron, Francesca Sorrenti, Lepic Anadol, and Frankie Zapata, to produce 200 editions, each inspired by Louis' original trunk size in the 1850s. Some were exclusively released in the New York monopoly.

The exhibition was held in New York's iconic department store, but it was renovated and built-in Banny's New York, which is now closed. In particular, Freds Restaurant, which disappeared as the department store closed, opened as FREDS x LOUIS with the exhibition, drawing expectations from many New Yorkers. But the level of New York restaurants and New Yorkers' palate is too high to impress people's palate with just perfume. Louis Vuitton also seemed insufficient to deviate from the level of temporary stores. However, seeing Madison Avenue's old building colored in various colors for the first time in a long time seems to revive the color of New York, which has lost its vitality due to the pandemic, making us look forward to 2023.




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