2023 trend10 things

2023 trend10 things

To grasp the trends in the art world, you can get the big picture by looking at significant exhibition schedules worldwide. Then, let's find out ten trends leading to 2023 in society and see how the art world will change. This content was referred to as 'Trend Korea 2030'.

1. The average disappears._Now calculating the average may be meaningless. When I was in school, I used to do class grades on average, but our society is expected to become more polarized. The most significant part is economic polarization. 2023 may be the starting point for this polarization. This phenomenon may accelerate, distinguish and rank each other in the future, and it may become common. In an era of trend upheaval, words such as 'stable' and 'average' can no longer be stable.

2. Office Big Bang_Retirers are increasing or exploding. The welfare benefits of stable workplaces, such as child support, are no longer meaningful to the younger generation who try not to have children. It's an era when everyone becomes a freelancer. The company only uses and pays for freelancers around the world. You can also find a designer or employee online who can handle computer technology-related work in other countries.

3. The advent of cherry-summer_After the pandemic, the economic situation deteriorated, and prices rose. Experts predict that the economy will continue to decline. As a result, there is a movement to utilize the sharing economy as a survival method actively. When using a delivery app, people in the same neighborhood order at once to save delivery fees, invest in pieces and buy a glass of wine rather than a large bottle. I want to cut even a little unnecessary spending.

4. Index relationship_Human relations have already diversified since the emergence of SNS. Now, the online relationship network that needs to be classified is also very complicated, and various relationships must be organized, divided, and managed. It is difficult for human relations to become strong just because they are hometown friends and alumni. Unless it is a relationship that can be continuously influenced, the importance of the relationship index will gradually decrease.

5. New Demand Strategy_You should create something new and make it necessary, not produce what you need. Attractive to consumers, upgrading and subscribing to existing ones continuously and providing postpaid or installment payments are required.

6. Digging Momentum_It is a culture that digs deep into the level of experts, not the level of hobbies when something you like occurs. Recently, CEO stories that have successfully made surfing products and sold them through SNS while enjoying surfing often appear on TV. If you want art or wine, you can experience and invest in it, not just appreciate it but grow to the level where you can teach it to someone. As labor decreases and people have more time to spare due to telecommuting, more and more people want to feel a higher level of pleasure and reward.

7. Alpha Generation_Generations, who held their smartphones as soon as they were born, called their parents, and started walking, are slowly settling into the consumer market. They are used to being noticed and can become close to anyone in the world in the metaverse. They even make a lot of money by developing games at a young age. Unlike their former parents, their parents provide economic education to their children, like chaebol on TV. It sets the concept of what investment is and what management is in advance. Their parents may be because this society experienced that money determines class.

8. Preemptive response technology_This part suggests the problem of being deprived of human free will while there are advantages of preventing it in advance, such as on both sides of a coin. It is a good point of preemptive response technology to prescribe medications before becoming sick with preventive medicine or to take preemptive measures with food or rest. However, there are also concerns that my favorite things could become fixed thanks to algorithms that know me better than me. Creativity can be expressed through various and unpredictable experiences.

9. Space_Attractive space has the power to lead people. IKEA's Manhattan store is not a place to sell things but to display and experience them. The store size is tiny compared to the general IKEA store. Orders can be placed online or picked up. Now, stores are not selling goods but are changing into hands-on experiences that make you experience and feel with your five senses in space. Here, the technology that connects virtual and reality attempts to limit our experiences further.

10. Neverland Syndrome_If Peter Pan Syndrome was a very few otaku hobbies, Neverland Syndrome is a widespread social phenomenon. You can tell by looking at enthusiastic adults about Rubber Duck and like Kaws. Isn't there a desire hidden in the psychology of adults who want to have fun and enjoy themselves like children? Unfortunately, at the age of 100, we follow this young.


Last year, Hauser and Worth Gallery acquired an old social club in London. It can be seen as a willingness to approach the gallery from the role of exhibiting and selling paintings to the position of leading cultural and social relations. In addition, the London Portrait Museum recently purchased an unexpected place to use as an art museum: a tourist information center and ticket office in the middle of the road seen from the temple site. Below this site is a Victorian public toilet. If this place, where historical relics are hidden, is transformed into an art museum, it will be connected to an underground space to increase citizens' accessibility. Like this, the exhibition hall is changing. With an approach to reach and relationships in exhibition and sales.



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