[100 Challenge] DanJi’s reading note_24

[100 Challenge] DanJi’s reading note_24

To enjoy humanities by walking through the Louvre. A humanities scholar who went to an art museum
Author Ahn Hyun-bae
Publishing About Book
Issued on July 27, 2016.

Chapter 1. Art Reflects Myth and Religion
'Kiss' Story Reads In Myth: Cupid's Kiss Wakens Psyche _Canova
The patron saint who kept the epidemic at bay: Saint Sebastian _Perugino
Where did the 'God of Peace' take the 'God of Pleasantness'? : Peace that takes abundance with it _Bizet-Le Bröng
The Mona Lisa's smile on St. John's lips!: St. John the Baptist _Davinci
Sculpt Mythical Pain: Dido's Death _ Kayo
The Story of a Sacred Torch: The Death of Our Lady _ Caravaggio
Looking Behind the Scene: Roger _Angre Saves Angelique
The Painter of Light, depicting the resurrection of Jesus: The Pilgrims of Emmaus _Rembrandt
The crystallization created by the earnestness of victory: Samotraque's Statue of Victory _Little Beauty
Does a goddess have to be beautiful? : Sammysin _Kranach
Death cannot be avoided anywhere else in the world! : The Herders of Arcadia _ Pousin
Lanterns shining on repentance and forgiveness: Magdalene Maria _La Tour in front of the lantern
Angel's Table: Angel's Kitchen
Jesus' First Miracle of Water Turned Into Alcohol: Cana's Wedding Feast _Veronese
An homage from the father of modern painting to the great saint Francis _Giotto, who receives the scar
Jesus' maternal grandmother who became a symbol of reading and education: Mary and Jesus _Davinci with St. Anna

Chapter 2. Art Reflects History
Painter Becomes Journalist: Massacre on Chios Island _ Delacroix
The Shipwreck of 'Romanticism' Against Hypocrisy of the Times: The Raft of Medusa _ Jericho
Read history and literature through pictures: children of Edward IV _ Delaroche
What is 'Republic'?: Horatii brothers vow _David
Stop the blood of revolution!: Sabini's Women _David
A peek into the French royal court: Gabriel Destre and his sister Villar _The author is unknown
Pope Conqueror's Loot: Dying enslaved person _ Michelangelo
The origin of 'sculpture beauty': bust of Antinus _ unknown author
Portrait of a Roman emperor who wanted to resemble a philosopher: bust of Hadrian _ unknown author
The Painter of Power: Napoleon _ Groh at the Battle of Aylau
Portrait of a Dead Woman Excavated in Egypt: Portrait of a Woman (European Woman) _Unknown
For the 'right to mental survival': Liberty Leading the People _ Delacroix
A 'hidden masterpiece' easy to miss in the Louvre: Cherbetteri couple's coffin _ unknown author
Power dissipates, but art is forever!: Marie de Medici's Coronation _ Rubens
The Eastern Lady of the Palace of Versailles?: Odalsk _Bouche
"Find it, you'll find it!": Battle of Angiari _Rubens
A twisted look at Islam: The death of King Sardanaphal _ Delacroix

Chapter 3. Art Shining Art
Monkey at Louvre: Monkey Painter _ Chardeng
On the First Nude Painting in France: Eva Prima Pandora _Cujeng
What are the criteria for separating art from obscenity? : Country ensemble _ Ticino
The beauty of watching a play in pictures: Two Wagons _ Zillos
Scientific Principles Overcoming the Dimensionality of Painting: Battle of San Romano _Postlo
Classical Artist: Poet's Inspiration _ Poussin 93
What is the true value of art to be valued?: The Head of the Muse _ Sancho
Beauty Found in the Wall: Venus and Sammisin _ Botticelli presenting gifts to young women
Stuck in stereotypes, it's no longer art!: Balpung's Bathing Woman _Angre
But not all unconventional becomes art!: Jesus of the Cross was worshiped by two donors _El Greco
What is art's daily life?: Salon at 4 p.m. Viar
A Romanticist's In vain Love: Chopin's Portrait _ Delacroix
Surrealists Praise 16th Century Wit: Spring _ Archimboldo
The pleasure of reading metaphors and symbols: richness
The Longest and Most Beautiful Waist in the World?: Grand O'Dalysk _Angre
The beauty of appreciating the background of the painting Mary and Jesus with John the Baptist
673 Glass Plates Becoming Louvre Landmarks: Glass Pyramid _ Ioming Pei

Chapter 4. Art Reflects Humans
Portrait of the best French social beauty: Madame Lecamier _David
See the Line Between Life and Death: Butchered Cattle _Rembrandt
The story of the Virgin Mary in the portrait: The statue of the Virgin Mary of Rollin _Ake
Memories of Uncomfortable Description of Louvre: Portrait of a Black Woman _ Benois
To cherish a precious moment forever: a portrait of an older man and a young boy
4,500-year-old human stone: Egyptian clerk _ unknown author
Shining Darkness in a Colorful World: Man in Gloves _ Ticciano
Stolen [Mona Lisa] Painting hung in place: Portrait of Balthasar Castiglione _Rafaelo
Draw 'Family': Breakfast _Bouchet
To paint the life of a great humanist: Erasmus _Holvine II, who writes
Portrait of a woman who wanted to look intelligent: Marquess Pompadour _Morris
About The Madness: Gambling Woman _ Jericho
Sculpt 'Death': Allegory of Death _The Author Unknown
Beyond the boundary between dream and reality: sleepwalking Mrs. Macbeth _Puseli
Self-portraits of Paris' Most Beautiful Female Painter: Madame Bizet-Le Broglom and Her Daughter _Bizet-Le Broglom
Man's disturbing attributes captured in painting: a con artist _La Tour
Sorrow at the Museum: Young Martyrs _ Delaroche