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Explore the intricate world of Korean sculpture with Kim Jung-Myung's limited edition art book. This expertly crafted book features a curated collection of pieces, with only 100 copies available. A must-have for art enthusiasts and collectors, this book offers a unique glimpse into the history of art through the lens of a masterful reedit.


Kim Jung-myung (1945 ~ ,born in Busan)

Edition 5/100

9.2X12.2 X1 (inch)

Year. 1998



Artist Kim Jung-myung was born in Busan in 1945, majored in sculpture at Hongik University's School of Art, and received a master's in art education at Keimyung University. He served as the steering committee and chairman of the Busan Youth Biennale, dean of the Pusan National University College of Arts, co-representative of the Busan Art Forum, and is currently a professor in the Department of Art at Pusan National University. 
Starting with the Scrab series in 1975, he has held dozens of group exhibitions and ten solo exhibitions at home and abroad, including the Red series (1976-1978), the Frame and Canvas series (1978-1981), the Carenda series (1981-1982), the Finger series (1984-1992), the Dinosaur series (1992-1994), the Tongue series (1993-1997), the Pocket series (1988-2000), and the Yellow Line series (1999-present).


Kim Jung-Myung
Graduated from Hongik University College of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture 
Graduated from Keimyung University Graduate School of Education, Department of Fine Arts 
Tsukuba University of Arts Researcher 
Ross Ridge, Guest Professor at the University of California 
Current: Professor of Fine Arts, Pusan National University
an individual exhibition

2003 Suga Gallery Invitation "Empty" Exhibition (Busan) 
2002 "Prisoner of Desire" Exhibition (invitation to California State University, Northridge, USA) 
2000 Yellow Line (Alternative Space "Island" Busan) 
Invitation Exhibition to commemorate the opening of the Kyobo Bookstore Information Center in 2000 (Busan/Kyobo Gallery) 
1998 <Book> Exhibition (Busan/Lotte Hwarang) 
1996 Seoul Group Invitation (Seoul) 
1993 Dongbaek Art Center Planning Invitation (Busan) 
1990 Chosun Ilbo Art Museum (Seoul) 
1987 Senyu Gallery (Japan, Tokyo) 
1985 Yoo Hwa-rang (Busan) 
1979 Waterway Gallery (Busan) 
1977 with Won (Busan)
Group exhibition
2001 Image Transformation and Objects (Planned by Busan Museum of Art/Finding the Formative Genealogy of Busan Art II) 
2000 Western Art History Exhibition (Euijeong Art Center, Seoul) 
1999 Alternative Space <Island> Opening Ceremony (Busan) 
1999 Print, Art, Book Exhibition (Literature Promotion Agency, Seoul) 
1998 20C Korean Art, Environment and Art through Busan (Lotte Gallery, Busan)
         PICAF International Sculpture Symposium (Busan Museum of Art) 
1997 Korean Art Exhibition of the Year (Korea Culture and Arts Promotion Agency, Seoul) 
         97 Korean Art (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Gwacheon) 
1996 Development of Korean Modernism 1970-1990 (Geumho Gallery, Seoul) 
         4SIDE (Gallery Lasca, LA) 
         Bodyless institutions, institutions (Geumho Gallery, Seoul) 
1995 Total Art Award-winning works (Total Art Museum, Seoul) 
         Seoul International Modern Art Festival (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul) 
1994 Flow of Korean Contemporary Art (Insa Gallery, Seoul) 
1993 Kim Jung-myung, Ishigawa Koji, a two-man exhibition (Dor Gallery, Fukoka) 
1992 Creation and Quotation (Hyundai Art Gallery, Seoul)
         '92nd Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul)
1991 Busan Writer's Six-Person Exhibition (Gallery Nubo, Busan)
1990 Seoul International Law Exhibition-90 (Literature Promotion Agency, Seoul)
1989 80s Shape Art Exhibition (In commemoration of the opening of Geumho Museum of Art, Seoul)
1988 New Generation Korean Contemporary Art Exhibition (Shinsegae Museum of Art, Seoul)
a book
1998 Books, Pusan National University Press
1990 Kim Jong-Myung, Pusan National University Press
Major collections
2000 UN International Sculpture Park "God's Chair"
1998 Busan Cultural Broadcasting Station (MBC) "Pocket-Universe"
         Busan Cultural Center <Guesthouse> 
         Busan Museum of Art "Love, Dreams, and..."