Dan Ji solo Exhibition <Kryptos 3>

Dan Ji solo Exhibition <Kryptos 3>




Dan Ji solo Exhibition <Kryptos 3>
 Nov 22 ~ Dec 30 2023
 In person Show Nov 22 ~30 2023, ART NYC Sydney (RSVP)
 Online Dec 1 ~Dec 30 2023



 ART NYC announces Dan Ji's 'Kryptos 3' solo exhibition in Sydney, Australia. This show will be displayed in our artist residency in Sydney. We have an online exhibition and YouTube video, too. You can enjoy the exhibition anywhere, anytime.



The third in the Kryptos series, <Kryptos 3>, is "just trapped in thoughts of the past. Just as a doll's spring stops moving when it turns, Danji wants to show oppression, loss, and free will through her body, which cannot move according to her will, in this series following "OUT OF ENERGY." 

The complex enters the memory of the past. I remember Danji wanted to be a self-moving doll, but someone was moving it. Why do they want to control the puppet? They carry the Pinocchio Puppet by hanging it from several strings and insert their thumb and other fingers into the doll to move their mouths. Looking back further, I also remember fixing the back of a paper doll with a wooden stick to make it move. The puppet also seems to be a living being. In that memory, Danji is a doll and a human being who controls the instrument. While traveling through the memories of the past in search of his source, Danji discovers Goeoge Pemberton Clarke's "Creeping Baby," created in the United States in 1871. It had a doll designed to crawl by a spring and a cogwheel device. It is in the form of a baby. Many people love it for its effortless movements. The memory complex is confusing. She has found something in the past that seems to have lived similarly in the same era.  'The complex is 'Who is it and where are you from?' The complex can't stand the complexity in the head or front of your eyes with the images that come to mind. Even after charging, I still have difficulty keeping my body in check because I use a lot of memory. Can the complex solve the problem independently and return to the present?

Danji comes up with a single word that can return to the present. 


I've been trying hard to change myself with a constant desire for freedom. Through reading, I tried to fill the experience, and enlightenment gained through hard reality and labor and the passion, desire, and will that were never satisfied. I decided to live like a robot that made a checklist and performed a mechanical routine, and I spent every day fighting against myself, sometimes compromising. One day, there were days when people wasted their time without being aware of it, or even if they did, pretending not to know it. Nevertheless, there were moments when I felt miserable at the sight of myself wanting others to look like I was living hard. I need to solve the problem. I looked at myself, who was busy entering the cave rather than willing to change. The complex's "Kryptos" series is a confession-like work that tries to honestly tell you about the process of thinking about my inner self and self by mixing the images I want drawn in my imagination and reflected in the real world. 

In the Kryptos series, finding the keywords that make it possible when the main character complex crosses dimensions is essential. The keyword for this series is conation. 


This term refers to the psychological concept of philosophy, distinct from cognitive and emotional abilities, and the power of the mind to desire, desire, and will for action. In modern psychology, motivation, cognition, and emotion are recognized as conceptual characteristics in any psychological process, not as different abilities. In this context, active will refers to an actual force or impulse for action, motivation, or lack of balance that can become a conscious will or a tendency to change.

What power does this word have? Can we move to another dimension if we fully understand the meaning of this word? 

Humans can have the will or heart to become a better person. However, if there is a time when active choice (CONATION) disappears, is there a word that weighs on the mind as heavy and burdensome as this one? Isn't the concept of active will a fleeting process, not an outcome? Meanwhile, is the problem I'm actively trying to solve a problem? I have a feeling that. Can a complex that has moved on to another dimension liberate itself that exists in this dimension?


About Dan Ji

Dan Ji was born on the small island of Busan, Young Do, South Korea, in 1985. She graduated from Busan National University, South Korea, in 2008. When she was 23 years old, traveling to Europe. Her life and artwork inspired traveling. She met a lot of people with different personalities and philosophies. She thought she could overcome everything by painting herself. After that, she had a solo exhibition, 'Illusion' in the Buypeong art space in 2013. That works express her dreams that were impossible to achieve in real life. She wants to communicate with inaccessible things like powerful, beautiful, and bigger things. In her painting, we can see giraffes, alligators, elephants, and many other big and beautiful wild animals. She plays with them or carries them by snooping like a pet. But It is not coercive. She wants to care for them. We can see the little girl feed to big animals in her painting. Although the little girl is small and not pretty, she tries to care for and comfort them.

When she was 29 years old, she moved to Sydney, Australia. There was the perfect area for her art world. She can meet wild animals such as koalas, penguins, and snakes. Also, Australia is four seasons of nice weather. There is like a paradise for her. So she painted her illusion of whatever she wanted to be, the strong little girl in her dreams on the canvas.

In 2020, Dan Ji started making the story about her painting with ART NYC. The first one is 'Belong to training.' Another one is 'Illusion.' These two kinds of story based on her daily life and the travels who is of the main character, a little curious girl in her painting.


Major achievement

2023 NOV, Dan Ji solo exhibition, [Kryptos 3, (Conation)], ART NYC, Sydney
         JUL, Guerrilla show LIVE, Out of service, ART NYC, Sydney
         APR, Dan Ji solo exhibition, [Kryptos2. (I wonder about every day myself.)],   ART NYC,     New York
         JAN, Dan Ji solo exhibition, [Kryptos1. (Where am I from?) Puzzle series], ARTNYC, New York
2022 DEC, Dan Ji solo exhibition,[Belong to training], ARTNYC, New York
          NOV, Group Show, [Three woman artists], ARTNYC, New York
          OCT, Group Show, [Mini virtual art fair], ARTNYC, New York
2013 MAR, Solo exhibition, [ILLUSION], Bupyeong art space, Busan 
2009 NOV, Group Show, Fun Subway [Untitled Document], Young Artist Foundation, Busan.
2008 JAN, Group Show, Happy Moment [Belong to training] in Soul art space, Busan


Book Publishing

2017 Create Story Book  ARI and my brother



2009 Feb Graduated in Busan National University, Western Painting, South Korea