Wellcome to the Metaverse Gallery

Wellcome to the Metaverse Gallery


If the avatar in the game dies, I die, too. So is the squid game real?

It seems that there is not much time left for Metaverse to become common sense.

Due to the FTX crisis, the cryptocurrency industry continues to plunge in prices due to uncertainties. Still, I think this incident will speed up the progress of regulatory bills by governments in each country, especially the United States. If regulatory uncertainties are cleared up, the popularization of cryptocurrency and Metaverse will proceed at a rapid pace. Now, only the advent of groundbreaking wearable devices remains. In addition, if the regulatory bill is not unified in each country, it is likely to increase confusion and cost a lot, so international organizations will likely come forward and unify the cryptocurrency regulation bill under the pretext of EGS. The world government launch and the world economy's integration are just around the corner.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently acquired Twitter. In the future, he said he would like to promote a full-fledged business from Web 2.0 to 3.0 by posting long articles, uploading videos, and connecting cryptocurrency wallets. Twitter already has a partnership with Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange, so an apparent blueprint is drawn for the direction and success of the business. Elon Musk's Twitter acquisition process was talkative and troublesome. In addition, he showed off his humor and satire to the mainstream media attacking him, giving a backstabbing performance. As soon as news of his takeover of Twitter came out of the media, two young men holding boxes in the Twitter building were just fired. They picked up Michelle Obama's book and introduced themselves as environmentalists, one by one, Rahul R.i.g.m.a and the other, Michael Johnson. The waiting reporters began to post the news on social media, saying they asked for a scoop. One of them, CNBC News' main anchor "Deirdre Bosa," quickly tweeted the news. Users who saw this started laughing in the comments. Ligma is the word for 'Lick your ball,' and Johnson stands for male genitals. As the problem turned red, the embarrassed news anchor and broadcasting station apologized for not accurately confirming the facts and announcing the news. In this case, Elon Musk proved how well mainstream media reported fake news and told Twitter users how well they found it. His Twitter CEO debut show looks successful for now.

Meanwhile, a news report said Palmer Lucky, the former CEO of Oculus, a wearable glasses company acquired by Meta (Facebook), is developing glasses that can die in reality if a character dies while playing video games. You can predict scenarios such as stopping the brain or dying from attacks by other users while your virtual character cannot move due to bugs. In addition, it seems that it is not long before the world of Metrics, which cannot escape from reality due to logout, and staying in virtual reality, will come true.

ART NYC continuously holds virtual and metaverse exhibitions, so visit our gallery. But you have to be careful. This is because we cannot guarantee when and where other avatars will attack us or whether the door to the real world will be closed.



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