Looking at the schedule, I can see the next trend

Looking at the schedule, I can see the next trend

The year 2022 is coming to an end. 2023 is about to begin. At the beginning of the year, the word people search for the most is the diary. So many people are excited about the new beginning and are preparing for the year’s plans and schedules. Of course, all of them will likely not be followed, but you still know how hopeful we are to have a year’s plan.

Art galleries and galleries also plan for the year. Create a special exhibition schedule with the artist to introduce this year and prepare in advance how to promote and how display. And at the beginning of the year, based on this plan, he gives a presentation with significant figures and customers in the art world. The exhibition, which is systematically planned and announced in advance, means that the overall completeness is likely higher than the gallery that visited the artist a month or two ago to plan the exhibition, so let’s visit the gallery that plans the annual plan. It will help you improve your vision even a little bit. In the case of collectors, if they check the main exhibition schedules at the beginning of each year and find out the theme of the art fair and who the director is, they can plan when to buy and sell the artist’s works. In particular, if the artist of their work is invited to a world-class or retrospective exhibition, it may be time to put the collection up for auction, so check it out carefully.

Let’s take a look at the major exhibitions around the world in 2023.


Leeum Museum of Art - Maurizio Catellan (1.31-7.16)
David Zwinner Paris - Yoon Hyung-geun (1.7-2.18)
David Zwinner New York-Dan Flavin (1.10-2.25)
Art Fair Art Stage Singapore (1.11-1.15)
Faith New York-David Hockney (1.12-2.25)

Ulsan Museum of Art and Lee Kun-hee Collection Exhibition (2.16-5.21)
LA Art Show(2.15-19)
Freeze LA (2.16-19)
White Cube West Palm Beach-Park Seo-bo (2.25-4.1)

SETEC - Gallery Art Festival
Art Central Hong Kong (3.21–25)

International Gallery Seoul-Alexander Calder, Lee Woo-hwan (4.4-5.28)
14th Gwangju Biennale (4.7-7.9)
Seoul Museum of Art - Edward Hopper
60th Venice Biennale Preview (4.17-19) (2014. 4.20-11.24)

12th Busan International Gallery Art Fair BAMA (5.2-5)
Art Busan (5.4-7)
Seoul Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art - Lee Kang-so, Lee Geon-yong, and Kim Gurim <Avantgarde: Korean Experimental Art, 1960-1970>
Tefaf New York (5.12-16)
Freeze New York (5.18-22)

Art Basel (6.12-18)

Leeum Museum of Art - Kim Beom (~November)

Kim Gurim, Seoul National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Freeze Seoul (9.6-9)
Kiap (9.6-10)
International Gallery Seoul-Anish Kapoor
Amory Show New York (9.8-10)
Guggenheim, New York, Lee Kang-so, Lee Kun-yong, and Kim Gourim, <Avant-garde: Korean Experimental Art, 1960-1970>

Freeze London (10.11–15)
Art Basel Paris (10.19–22)
Philadelphia Museum of Art - 33 people including Seo Do-ho and Ham Kyung-ah, Korean contemporary art since 1989

International Gallery Seoul - Hamgyeong-ah

Art Basel Miami (12.7-9)

*New York Metropolitan - Art exhibition scheduled during the transition period of the Korean Empire







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