Where can I buy art?

Where can I buy art?

For beginner art collector


For novice collectors, the art market's word is confusing; the division of roles between galleries and art Museum, the difference between art fairs and biennials, and the understanding of the auction market should be prioritized. So today, I will first find out where to buy the painting.


  1. Gallery

In general, the degree to which paintings are bought and sold in galleries is common sense for many people know. However, it is not known that the works and writers handled differ depending on the nature of the gallery. There are galleries and contemporary art galleries that deal with ancient art, antiques, and Korean and Western paintings in the early modernization. Some places are named galleries, although they are framed. But some places actually sell their works. First, let's divide the gallery, which has a large special exhibition, and the gallery, that only deals with the secondary market. By looking at this, you can judge which gallery I should buy the painting from. If you want to purchase a new work from an unknown artist or a surviving artist, you must go to a gallery that has a planned exhibition. However, if you want to buy a known work by an already famous artist, a gallery that deals only with secondary is fine. If the gallery has had a career for a long time, you can buy the work you want at an excellent price. In addition, let's divide galleries with exclusive artists and without special exhibitions. A gallery with a complete artist is better than a gallery without a premier artist. It takes a lot of money and time for a writer to grow, and being consistent with one artist means the gallery actively invests in the artist. This is bound to have a significant impact on future growth. But it would help if you were careful about this when the art market is good. Some galleries randomly sign exclusive contracts with new artists and then break the contract at will when market conditions get worse. A famous gallery is no exception. So let's also be interested in the relationship between the gallery and the artist and the history.


2. Art Fair

The art fair is the easiest for novice collectors to access. Unlike quiet galleries, it is crowded, and you can see many works at once, and there is no burden just enjoying and looking around. When Galleriaists are most tired at the art fair, they bring considerable portfolios to promote their works, or visitors take up too much time to comment on their works as if they were watching and studying at an art museum. The art fair booth is very expensive. In addition, the additional money is enormous. Let's not take up too much of their time unless you're willing to buy it because you have to pay for it in just a few days. Of course, it is okay to ask questions about the work or the price. Most of the gallerists will be kind to you. The most significant advantage of the Art Fair is that you can compare and purchase many works at once. It is fun to have more choices and feel the heat of the hot art market. However, it is very spacious and crowded, so there is no time to think slowly and see the work. It is crucial to make a plan first to purchase good results at these art fairs. Usually, the Art Fair Organizing Committee provides information such as maps of participating galleries, artists, and booths through its website. You have to look at this in advance and choose a gallery to look for first, and make your plans and appreciate it to make it a systematic viewing to some extent. For famous artists, it becomes difficult to choose a work they like because the work will be sold out if they go late. And the most important thing is comfortable shoes. Often, novice collectors are very excited to go to the art fair, so they dress up nicely and wear matching high heels, and if they go to the fair in high heels, they will regret it in 30 minutes. Even if you dress up neatly, let's wear something very comfortable with just your shoes. The exhibition will be much more enjoyable. You must receive a delivery certificate if you purchase a work at an art fair and take out a piece of paper that is proof of purchase. Only then can the artwork be brought out of the entrance. In addition, the information is delivered to the art fair and used to create a VIP list at the next exhibition.

3. Auction 


If you look at the newspaper, you can see the news that famous paintings have been sold for hundreds of billions of won each. The most famous auctions in the world are Christ, Sotheby's, and Philips, and Christina Sotheby's Auction seems to sell only expensive and famous works, but not necessarily. If you are lucky, you may win a bid much better than the market price. And before the Auction opens, the work is displayed in advance, and anyone can see it. It is crucial to buy artwork at Auction, but you can also entrust your collection of works, so if you want to continue your art collection, it is better to learn how to trade. If you wish to continue to do well in auction trading, it is good to have a dedicated person in charge, but the loyal employee will provide good information on when to purchase the work and release it. Not all results are accepted just because you ask Auction to sell them. Since an auction is a record, it refuses to entrust the work if it is judged that it is unlikely to sell well. Therefore, it is vital to consider well when you can win the bid at a reasonable price and the excellent timing to release your work.


If you are a novice collector, you should also be careful about falling into purchase addiction. You may think that you have purchased good works by referring to the opinions of various experts, but over time, you will realize that only a few works can be sold if you try to put them on the market. Of course, just because it is difficult to sell to the president right away does not mean the work was purchased incorrectly. That is because good results are not judged only by the market. Only after a steady and vast exhibition and a massive amount of reference books do you have an eye for your taste and good works. So don't be too greedy from the beginning and raise your eyes through continuous study.