the conditions of a successful artist

the conditions of a successful artist


What I felt the most after visiting Miami during the recent Miami Art Basel period was that my favorite works were already sold out. If I had known this, I would have moved faster~~ The works that I wanted to buy were good, and the artist's following activities were not only expected but also the price was reasonable. My favorite work looked good in other people's eyes, too.

In 2022 this year, Art Basel was like that, but other art fairs also had a very high level of work, and people's interest was very high. The number of visitors was so high that you could feel it in person, but you could see how famous an art fair was just by looking at the YouTube search volume. Art Basel was overwhelmingly famous, while Untitled Art Fair and Nada Art Fair were also very popular.

I met a gallery director from Korea at the Scope Art Fair. I met her for the first time, and we talked for a long time through the story, and he shouted Eureka while talking about works that have a good sense and don't sell well. The director said that the reason was that the artist didn't draw much.

The correct answer!!

To gain some recognition in the market, you must sell more than 100 pieces a year. So, of course, more than 300 works must be produced. The problem of workability and timeliness is the part that the artist needs to solve, and then the issue of representation. To be recognized in a market where representation is a condition, performing this kind of work is the most basic.

This problem was a problem that did not require any consideration. You can do it. You have to do the work first. It's essential among the basics. Marketing and market conditions are the next issues.

Artist!! If you are not poorer than Van Gogh, no excuse will work, so let's not make excuses and work on it!!

And collectors! Let's look at the exhibition as much as possible and read books to raise our eyes. Unfortunately, the author's spooky secret information that will soon become a hit does not exist.