art collector can not resale of the art works

art collector can not resale of the art works


It's easy to buy but hard to sell. If I have to resell it too….

Yes, it is easy to buy a work. As the size of the art market suddenly grows, many people may have purchased works through art fairs or galleries. Art fairs are also purchased in galleries, so it should be considered that most of the works are purchased in galleries. It is easier for novice collectors to fall into purchase addiction. Since buying work is not based on practicality, it is useless to stop people around you if you like it and become affectionate. What is the thrill of getting your favorite work? Anyone who hasn't experienced it won't know. Isn't there a saying that there are people who haven't bought it yet, but no one has only bought it once? Then one day, works kept piling up at home, and when I tried to put out a few works, the gallery I bought said that it was difficult to reseal the works. So I looked into it to put it on the Auction, and my work says it is challenging to bead now. I talked to a dealer I know around me, but I haven't heard from him. This is the reality of most collectors who started art collections without knowing it.

First, the most critical thing when purchasing work is choosing a good one. Even if you are an unknown but not yet recognized by a famous gallery, you should bring it home preciously if you have an eye for it. The price is excellent, but great works will become famous after a long time together. Many years are at least ten years. The basics of how to do this well have been mentioned in the previous articles, and I said it through 'Art Collection also has a formula', so let's refer to it. However, the problem is that it is not easy for most collectors to have this perspective. Since artistic tastes are not prepared quickly, it is not easy to upgrade just by reading a few books and going to the exhibition hall a few times. Although he is not an art speculator who buys a work today and sells it within a few months, everyone will want to have a good work worth tens to hundreds of times as much as the value of the work has increased.

<Things to look at for resales >
1. The best way is to buy expensive, famous works and sell well at major overseas auctions.
2. If it is difficult, buying incredible works with a small amount of capital is good. It is not an overnight task to develop an eye for artists who will grow up in the future, but it is better to choose artists managed by galleries and artists who will be with them for a long time. In the case of famous overseas galleries, when purchasing works by new artists, there are cases where it is impossible to reseal them for as long as two to eight years. The artist's works, which should still grow for a long time, are distributed randomly at online auctions because they are not suitable for the artist's growth. If these conditions are met, it is a good shape for the collector to be relieved. When resale is impossible, writers and galleries will work hard to increase their value.
3. Even Korean artists are advantageous when they are active abroad or when artists who pay attention to overseas galleries have a sale. So let's pay attention to the writer's overseas activities.
4. There is nothing left to sell to the Auction if the work price rises slightly. Let's weigh the commission, shipping, etc. In particular, delivery and insurance premiums are considered when using overseas auctions.
5. In some cases, new writers are used for money laundering, so if prices suddenly rise in the media, let's weigh the causal relationship carefully.

The gallery is not obligated to resell the work you have purchased. So let's be careful about buying your work.