Art collecting also has a formula(4) Conditions of Good Artwork_Artistic (EP.1) Contents and Form

Art collecting also has a formula(4) Conditions of Good Artwork_Artistic (EP.1) Contents and Form

Art collecting also has a formula(4) Conditions of Good Artwork_Artistic (EP.1) Contents and Form


Recently, a girl group called Girls released a rather provocative new song called Nxde, and the response is scorching. “There is no such obscene, nude thing as you think. We will show ourselves honestly whether you swear or not.” And in the last scene of the music video, Banksy’s “The Girl with a Balloon” appears, shouting, “You’re the Pervert,” and the event, which was cut into pieces as soon as it was sold at the auction, was the last highlight of the music video. One can grasp the meaning of this song with that scene. A provocative act that is far from what people expect and expect!! It’s art. It’s exhilarating to see children these days who know real art and do art among celebrities who hold art exhibitions and shout, “I’m an artist.”

Banksy is a veiled figure. He is a British artist who has been a graffiti artist since the 1990s, and no one knows his face, but everyone knows him. Banksy became known in the art world as word of mouth went viral. He repeatedly scribbled on the outer wall of the building every night when no one was looking, and it was a unique graffiti in a creative form that connected the painting using the shape or windows of the cracked concrete on the outer wall. He did not hesitate to criticize the paradoxical political satire and society. Since I had to work secretly, I had to work underneath the sheet in advance to run away quickly, put it on the wall, spray it in a few minutes, and leave.



Graffiti is unauthorized graffiti drawn on the walls of a building, which used to be a tyranny of street outlaws who damaged the beauty of the city on Harlem Street in New York. As these graffiti messages began to gain attention, street artists gradually left artworks containing originality and aesthetic value on the outer walls of the building as if they were competing. In particular, the outer wall graffiti of Five Points Artist Studio, which was located right in front of Long Island City, now MOMAPs1, was also a symbol of New York. Before the high-rise apartment building was built on the site now, you could see the painting every time you drove through the seven trains, but unfortunately, it has disappeared without a trace. In the studio, an artist fell out of a window after drinking at night. In the United States, standards for safety and compensation were strict, forcing the building owner to take full responsibility. An angry building owner sold the building to a real estate developer, and they broke it without thinking. It was a pity. This artist’s residence, not the building, was the center and symbol of New York art. Later, graffiti artists sued those who had their works removed at will, and they earned astronomical financial rewards. Even if the building owner is their property, they cannot exercise their property rights on the graffiti secretly drawn on the outer wall of the building. The conclusion is that the artist’s creations belong to the artist and the public. It was a ruling that treated tangible assets and intangible intellectual property rights with the same value. What does the building owner do when he buys and sells a building with Banksy’s paintings? Only the part with the image is quarried and displayed or preserved. Or, thanks to Banksy’s artworks, the value of the building rises, selling the building at a very high price and separating and distributing the work separately.

Contrary to the author’s intentions, people pursue money. This is exactly what Banksy is trying to show. No matter how much you criticize and mock, the mayor follows the money. In Marcel Duchamp’s “Sam,” the toilet bowl was a declaration of authority. However, as soon as it enters the museum and is praised, resistance is no longer resistance. Resistance is to become an authority again. Banksy keeps saying this. Didn’t the girl’s work with balloons also show a performance that destroys it as soon as it is sold at a high price at an auction? But even that creates higher value, so resistance is no longer resistance, but the more ridiculed and criticized, the taller people pay and want to own it. The thrill of being attacked and ridiculed paradoxically!! People pay for this.

Now! Look at the picture below. Let’s say the girl is being searched, and the soldier is reversed. It’s a sign of violence, but it’s direct. Let’s say that the man who throws flowers throws grenades or stones, not flowers. It’s obvious. There is folk art in Korea, too, and it plays a role in accusing and informing the absurdity of society. However, the quality and level of work determine whether ridicule and criticism tell simple facts as they are or paradoxically hit the back of the head correctly. It may be thought that popular art was buried without receiving attention according to political intentions, but the basis for judging the workability of art is so simple. Direct and descriptive is a lower skill level, and metaphorical and paradoxical is a higher level. Do you understand the implications?



In the lower-left corner, a boy is eating the falling snow with his mouth with a bright expression as if he was in the first snow. The painting is a mural on the wall of a steel worker’s house on a winter day in 2018, a week before Christmas. Ah! Banksy drew a bright boy in the poor worker’s place and gave him a present to have a happy Christmas!! If so, this work is class B. The boy below met not the first snow in the middle of winter but the white and fluttering ash powder that was burning next to him. The scene in which a young boy who knows nothing about the environmental problems of a steel city in England greets ash brightly leaves a strong impression. There are many mural villages in Korea today; what is the difference between them and Banksy’s murals? Look at the difference. It’s not about color, technique, or what kind of object you drew. What matters is the implications of metaphors and paradoxes. This determines the level of the work.



Workability can be divided into content and form. In this way, Banksy can find the originality of the work in both the content of paradoxically accusing social problems and the formation of producing and showing the result. In addition, a marketing strategy that made everyone know by imprinting himself as a mysterious person to the public!! Popularity in the market makes people want to buy their work and doesn’t give up their position as the most expensive writer in the primary art market rankings!! He can be said to be an icon of this era with the conditions of excellent artworks that satisfy both workability, periodicity, and representation.