[100 Challenge] DanJi’s reading note_86

[100 Challenge] DanJi’s reading note_86

Trend Korea 2024: 2024 S. Korea's Consumption Trend Forecast
Authors: Kim Nan-do, Jeon Mi-young, Choi Ji-hye, Lee Soo-jin, Kwon Jung-yoon, Ha Da-hye, Lee Joon-young, Lee Hyang-eun, Lee Hye-won, Chu Yerin, Jeon Da-Hyun
Publishing: Window of the Future
Published: October 05, 2023

10 Consumption Trend Keywords Announced Every Year
1. Changes in values and lives of Koreans living today
2. institutional changes such as technology, economy, policy, etc

List of the top 10 trend products for 2023,
Discovering the trend of 2023 that runs through our society.

First, the standard or the meaning of the ordinary has disappeared
The average disappearance is accelerating. Economic polarization intensifies due to the pandemic and subsequent global low growth, while individual tastes and values are diversifying due to the development of technology and the increase in information sources. This is leading to the growth of each industry by pursuing their enjoyment of restaurants, content products, and fashion items, along with the issue of ultra-low priced and ultra-large products.
Second, with reopening, people value real-world experiences. Consumers who revisit their offline experiences, blocked by the pandemic that lasted for more than three years, feel vicarious satisfaction while watching travel entertainment shows, visiting famous places, and expanding their experiences.
Third, consumer behavior is changing due to the utilization of technology. Until now, chatbots and picture-generation programs using artificial intelligence have been expensive and lacking related services for the general public. However, starting with ChatGPTChatGPT, which shows usability as simple enough to replace search, a field has been opened for machines and humans to collaborate in everyday life.
Fourth, changes in the demographic structure are significantly influencing the industry. Single-person householdization, low birth rate, and an aging population are significant factors that will cause future societal changes. If the original market is shrinking, it is necessary to find new targets that can be targeted with the same resources. The spread of unmanned stores and the evolution of protein foods shows this well.

(2023 Top 10 Trend Products)
Unmanned stores, travel entertainment, chat GPT, convenience store ultra-low priced products, protein foods, restaurant reservation and line-up apps, webtoons and web novels, Y2K retro items, pop-up stores, Gohang Love Donation System
"Buncho Society" is a keyword that refers to the tendency of people these days to value the "cost-effectiveness of time" and try to increase the density of time spent. This means that time has become a scarce resource that is more important than money, and everyone has lived fighting for a second. Time has become the most crucial resource as the economy paradigm shifts from an ownership economy to an experience economy.
The most crucial socio-economic keyword is the homo prompt. It is a keyword about the development of artificial intelligence shortly and changes in trends. ChatGPT, which challenged the realm of creation, which was considered a unique sanctuary for humans, was a big shock from the time of its announcement. The emergence of "generative AI Generative Artificial Intelligence," which can create new creations in almost all areas, such as paintings, novels, coding, and PPT, raises existential questions about what humans can do better than artificial intelligence.
A prompt refers to a question humans ask for the answer they want from AI. "AI is as smart as a prompt." This is because the outcome of AI varies depending on what kind of question a human asks. It should be noted that this keyword starts with Homo, that is, humans. No matter how good AI technology is, after all, the capability of 'Hwarong Peak' is only for humans with both contemplation and interpretation.

a hexagon
An increasing number of people are dreaming of perfection. Hexagonists, who are perfect in everything from appearance, educational background, assets, jobs, family, personality, etc., echo the compulsive perfection that our society is aiming for today. If a goal cannot be reached anyway, it is a game to enjoy giving up and use it as a standard to line up others. The hexagonal human trend is the vitality, despair, and play of young people who live in a society where the ladder of class mobility is shaken.
Variety pricing strategy
Today, the law of "everything price" has disappeared. The use of big data that accurately identifies consumers' willingness to pay and the development of AI that measures all variables in real time has opened a world of "everything N," where prices vary depending on time, place, and distribution channel. Consumers are also quick to respond to this. Now, the optimal price is becoming more important than the lowest price.
Office Big Bang
It refers to a fundamental and explosive change that occurs at the individual, organization, and system levels of work. The new way of working experience through COVID-19 and the demand of the 'feedback generation' who has just entered the labor market combine, leading to a change in organizational culture and philosophy.