[100 Challenge] DanJi’s reading note_79

[100 Challenge] DanJi’s reading note_79

Core Reading Stealing the Brains of the Rich

The Miracle of the One-Line Reading Revolution Bringing Money and Luck

Author Park Sangbae

Publishing Wisdom House

Issued on April 15, 2023.


The core reading is reading the 'essence.' I extract the key points I need from various information and gain their wisdom and insight.

A book with 300 pages generally contains the author's core within 60 pages. If you read 60 pages well, you get the same effect as reading 300 pages. Pareto's law, also called the 80–20 law, is Pareto's law. 

  What is a core word

  First, it is a word the author considers the core while writing a book. Numerous thoughts grow in the core word and become a book. Reading while grasping the main keywords for each section is much more helpful in understanding the content.

  Second, numerous keywords in the book are derived from the author's core word. Among them, keywords with clues to solving my problem become core words for me. If you can find a keyword in the book to solve your problem, you can solve it in one or two by saving the time, money, and energy it takes to repeatedly try seven or eight times.

3 Things to Make the Cycle of Core Questions

 Curiosity: When curiosity disappears, you do it in moderation and do not reach the level of professionalism. Curiosity creates excitement, and excitement makes you dig into it.

 Questions based on curiosity: Asking questions while curious makes you become more acute and listen attentively.

 Viewpoint: As you ask questions with curiosity, you create your frame of thought.

 Core quests can only be performed when these three cycles are running well. Knowing the core is knowing the essence, and the essence is understanding the inside, not the outside.