[100 Challenge] DanJi’s reading note_30

[100 Challenge] DanJi’s reading note_30

A line of philosophy before you go to sleep
After an exhausting day, it is time to think only about myself
Author Lee Hwa-soo
Published Cassiopeia
Published 2020.06.05.

Diligence is an escape, only a willingness to forget oneself.
- Friedrich Nietzsche -

A blind effort to shake off immediate anxiety may be a 'flight from oneself.' It may be that the questions worth considering while dealing with what is in front of you don't come into your eyes. In life, there arrives a moment when you think, 'You are running away from me.' If you don't hold on to the 'me' who tries to run away each time and leave it, you may live as an unwanted other. I hope you don't forget who you are under any circumstances.

Genius is the most self-contained man.
- Thelonious Monk -

Let's focus only on becoming ourselves. Even if you don't try to distinguish yourself from others, you will already be different.
Half-hearted misfortune is no less terrifying than a terrible ordeal. Half-hearted misfortune rarely gives us a chance to realize that we are drowning. It is more likely that the mud has risen to the top of your body before you know it. You may not feel much difference right now, but after a long time, you will realize that half-hearted misfortune was eating away at your potential.
Most of what we believe to be right is only what we have assumed to be imperfect current thinking. Therefore, it is better not to use the word 'never.' It is also advisable to refrain from promising something 'forever' as much as possible. Just as it is somewhat fragile if it is too hard, only trust in yourself can be weakened when such trust is broken. Instead, why don't you be mindful that even things you believe are true now can seem false tomorrow?