[100 Challenge] DanJi’s reading note_10

[100 Challenge] DanJi’s reading note_10


The Elementary Particles

Michel houellbecq


Publisher: Groupe Flammarion

Published: 24 AUG 1998

Thunderstorms broke out around 9 p.m. Jerzynski heard the sound of the rain as he sipped on the cheap Armagnac. He was just over forty. Was the so-called “40's Crisis” also upon him? In many ways, it wasn’t. First of all, the crisis doesn’t appear at forty today. With improved living conditions, today’s forty-something is in good health and excellent physical condition. In the old days, by forty, there were signs that the uphill path of life had ended, and the long downhill path to death had begun either through the body’s appearance or through the organs’ reaction to the use of a lot of force. But today, those early signs usually do not appear until age forty-five or fifty. Next, the “40's Crisis” is often combined with several sexual phenomena, especially a young woman’s intense and sudden pursuit of the body. But that pursuit was far from the case of Jerzynski. The genitalia were only helpful in urinating