The beginning of the story by ART NYC

The beginning of the story by ART NYC

The whole things starts with discontent and failure

The story began 15 years ago. After graduating from art college, I worked in the art world, opened a gallery, and closed it many times. I don't think I have little experience because I have three businesses at a young age. But, of course, the fact that it is not an experience of success is the beginning and reason for this whole journey. In the meantime, he has participated in international art fairs held overseas, promoted foreign artists, and sold expensive and large works without connections. However, the ideal and reality were always different. I read more than 100 books a year at random, understanding trends, building more than basic knowledge in the art market, economy, philosophy, and science, and understanding why my gallery is complex in the art market. I was disillusioned with Giant Money participating in the art fair as if pouring water into a bottomless pit and the overall structure of the art market that controls the global market. Under these circumstances, small and medium-sized galleries were considered to be a genuine love-hate relationship between galleries and artists who did not have money but were not vaguely famous and who were not rookies always complained that galleries were terrible. At a time when the art market was booming, a person who had nothing to do with art suddenly set up a gallery in his empty studio to recruit artists and sell his works to acquaintances, and the unsophisticated artists who wanted to seize the opportunity followed by calling them "director." The gallery naturally disappeared quietly after a year. In this situation, my unfocused and vast efforts were somehow being scattered.

I get irritated.

In this process, my entry into the U.S. was already being prepared, but it originated from my desire to escape from this annoying environment. So first, I went on a trip. In New York, I worked while traveling. It is not very professional to make blogs at part-time jobs and guest houses that take pictures for a baby's first birthday party. Still, it is not just labor, and I added to my trip as a small allowance, and through it, I was able to meet people living in New York, not tourists. Of course, they weren't the same as me, but I got the idea of how to make initial settlements.

I had to get a visa to go to America. I could apply for an outstanding visa, commonly referred to as an artist visa, a genius visa requiring a sponsor. Many people in Korea said, "You have to be careful about that," when they said they had to get a sponsor. Sponsor refers to a company that contracts and seems misunderstood because of its negative perception of celebrity sponsors. This O-1 visa is also a kind of work visa, and there are not many people working in the United States around, and this category was not common in the United States, so there was no place to ask or ask for help. I thought hiring a lawyer would be all right, but it wasn't either. I had to find a sponsor company, sign a contract, can prove myself, and find, create, and translate data on my own. Of course, spending a lot of money can solve some problems.

People in the art world around me have told me and expected me since then. I will do something to sell and market their work. I seemed to believe I had that ability. I think I knew then what kind of work was good and which artist was a good writer. But before, I didn't know how to promote and sell your work. Of course, suppose I had a huge budget. I could easily do everything in that case, but that was the hardest thing. If I opened the gallery traditionally, I could open the exhibition, and hearing "Congratulations" after the opening party was like a cry in silence with no meaning or results.

After a few years in New York, he returned to Korea and completed his graduate studies. And then quietly went back to New York. I was constantly thinking about more specific and feasible ways in all these journeys, but they never existed. And I also felt more about the positions of various art people and regional interests. Why on earth would anyone idolize and rely on people like professors and critics who have no power or ability in the real art world? Because I'm ignorant. How do I help them?

Draw a square. Then write down the essential points in the corner and set all the goals to the center. Artist team, Communication, budget, collaboration !! It is the purpose, plan, and vision of ART NYC's establishment.


First, investing in assets and having a good collection takes time to create a sufficient budget. Therefore, let us provide a communication channel to communicate knowledge, communicate, and exchange help in big and small ways. One of them is <Youtube channel @Artist TV - To be the super rich>, which started three years ago. Through this, I wanted to tell a practical and concrete story that could be a guide to experts who have knowledge of art but are ignorant of the art market and art lovers who like art but have no idea where to start. And we need to have a lot of exhibition halls to promote the work more effectively, breaking away from the existing gallery method, and the best way is to open virtual exhibitions online and sell the work, as well as invest in advance for the metaverse gallery that we will have in the future. Offline, it is to collaborate with companies that can coexist without overlapping interests, not with one or two exhibition halls, but with dozens or hundreds of possible goods. What should I do to be a good partner in collaboration? First, provide what you need for free and share it when you get a profit. This is only possible because there is confidence that profit generation is possible. One of them is the airline lounge, which is currently under discussion. Finally, it is an artist team that helps artists grow and develop. Artists want to work with people who like their work in a world to listen to their stories and understand what they are trying to do. If the gallery starts by understanding and studying an artist's work, the artist will have no choice but to continue to grow.

This story is based on an art investment company called ART NYC that began this way. I want to share the process with many people by starting from the four vertices of the square and completing the company's goals in the center, which is now blurry and empty but gradually filling with colors. The process of achieving this vital method is now straightforward and inevitable. Based on what has already been released through YouTube, we will continuously share stories that could not be shared in the video.