[American Dream] Just start_01

[American Dream] Just start_01


I remember the time I stepped on New York soil with my first dream of traveling to the United States. I planned a trip to New York on a budget that was too short because I wanted to go to the United States. I was in the spirit of my inability to go back home when I ran out of money. I was 29 at the time, right after I moved back into my parent's house after living independently in Seoul. After working on art in Seoul, I opened a gallery in Busan and lived in my parents' house. Life with my parents was stable and good, but as I had already experienced an independent life, I realized that spending my daily life with them consumes a lot of energy that I should not use. It was best to evacuate before the bomb went off. I booked cheap plane tickets and a Korean guest house for a few days when I arrived in New York. I didn't have any plans other than that. I just wanted to go to the United States once, so I packed my bags and went on the road with the idea that 'New York is the best thing to do in America.' When I arrived in New York, I met the president of Minmakjip, the students who had traveled, and some people. Can't I make money because I don't have enough money for the trip? While searching the Internet with that in mind, I was looking for someone to take pictures for my baby's first birthday party, so I worked part-time as a daily photographer.
When I saw that the owner of the guest house's blog was poor, I fixed it beautifully and received a little bit of money. With that money, I could stay a little longer in New York. No Airbnb or guest house reservation sites existed then, so all Korean-style guest houses were booked through blogs. Come to think of it, while I was living in New York, one of my neighbors created a site called 'Hanintel,' which became a hit. It was a start-up that is ahead of Air B&B now. It was this. Anyway, I spent several weeks like this and wondered how to live in New York.

What will it take to live in New York? Many people have vague fantasies or would think there would be an impossible glass ceiling. To live in an expensive place like New York, you would need wealthy parents who can afford costly tuition, and you would think that you would have to attend a prestigious New York University to get a job or get a visa. Even if you get a job, you won't be able to live a humane life without a high-paying job to meet killer prices. Data shows that many students studying in New York are rich and poor. I don't feel it very well there, but there are cases where I realize the gap between the rich and the poor with my friends I have stayed with since returning to Korea. The truth of New York life is that a single life is tight with an annual salary of 100 million. Then how many people are making money in New York or the United States after graduating? This is another level of problem, and more graduates will leave the United States halfway. The Immigration Department may be generous to those who lose money on America's excellent educational services. Still, it sets a high standard for those who come to earn money in their own country.

I've been living very well in this place for over a decade as someone who has been granted both an O-1 Visa and an EB-1 green card, which are rare and unusual. What the hell is that?

From now on, I would like to tell you how a person with no connection to the United States settled here very well. Through this series, you will learn in detail what method and process you will use to enter the United States. I learned a lot in the vague and scary process, but I regret that I would not have wasted my money and time if I had the experiences and road maps of those who had already taken that route. So, I will focus on my experience, which will be an oasis for some, particularly the specific method, process, time, and cost of obtaining a U.S. visa.

I am confident that this will be a good guide for young people who dream of entering the U.S. and many who want to live a new life by going abroad after retirement. I want to share this experience to help those who do not lose hope and courage.

If you draw a map that fits the direction first and then move on, you will realize that it is never too late and is only a misconception. With this article, I hope you get out of the delusion of being afraid of being alone.