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ART NYC is a global gallery specializing in modern and contemporary art established in New York, 2020. The exhibition project across the United States, Europe, and Asia. The organization has three parts: Team ART NYC, Gallery ART NYC, and CONTENTS ART NYC.

First, Team ART NYC is an organization that supports and grows artists. We have Training & Development system for artists and curators. It runs an artist residency & traveling program that stimulates and develops each other with constant feedback. To become an artist or employee of ART NYC, they must challenge and succeed in the reading challenge for the first four months. ART NYC residency differs from other residency programs because it is a long-term project focused on artist growth for over ten years.

Gallery ART NYC is the essence of ART NYC. We organize exhibitions to best show the world that the artist wants to express. And it aims for a gallery faithful to its essential role of informing more people. When the space cannot contain the artist's work, we try to find an external space or a new way to show the work. There are no physical limitations to the exhibition.

Contents ART NYC is a team that plans to promote companies, artists, and works through various content. The method of information delivery content we produce aims to expand and permeate rather than stimulate gradually. On the other hand, content centered on artists is created with process-oriented content that shows the tension and experimentation of the artist's process of trying and accomplishing new challenges.

ART NYC works with great artists including Alex Katz, Song E Yoon, Frédéric Bruly Bouabré, Guiline Kim, Kusama Yayoi, Lucy Sparrow, Chonghak Kim, Dan Ji and many other artists. We continues to support and program exhibitions of emerging and mid currier artists. We also trades a collection of blue-chip artists in the secondary market.

ART NYC has long developed cultural programming and events with artists, including artist residency program, performances, exhibition tours, public talks, film screenings, and studio visits. We loves new media and conceptual art too. The gallery has long been committed to working with and advising artists on all aspects of their legacy planning.

New York | Main Office/ Artist Residency

5 Freer st, #312, Lynbrook NY11563

Sydney | Office/ Artist Residency

U201, Wentworth dr, Liberty Grove NSW 2138

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President : Jay Kim_

Executive Organizer : Andrea

Director, Appraiser : seohyun

Sales Director : Susan Smith

Artist Manager : Marc

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