[100 Challenge] DanJi’s reading note_98

[100 Challenge] DanJi’s reading note_98

Nevertheless, Gong Ji-young's walk on the island
Gong Ji-young | Wisdom House | October 19, 2020

The prologue. I was a man who had 30 more reasons to die on his own

Part 1. We meet again after breaking up at many crossroads
Sunshine and Mozart. Maybe the Seomjingang River
There's nothing terrible in the world
I'll love myself........but how?
If you pretend to be in love, you will fall in love easily
I don't want to live like this and die
One word of kindness can beat a mountain of hatred
I refuse to give any compliments on my appearance
We are ill for anything that has hardened in any way to move
Who's that 'others'?
I'm not afraid of the oddly unjust people

Part 2. The important thing is to protect myself, which is more important than the relationship with them
Crying, abandoned, kicked out, hurt
Breaking up with people was the most challenging thing to do
We need to hear about our strengths
You don't have to do that from now on
Let's not be a good girl. The moment we make up our minds
Let's draw a line at this point. Stop saying that
My parents are hopeless
No, I don't want to.

Part 3. I must have found the answer
How do you want to live the rest of your life?
I hate people more and more
I didn't want to hate me getting older
There are things in this world that I can and can't do
To humbly acknowledge all the variability, human weakness, all of this
Sometimes, we don't want to solve the problem
You don't have to grow up, so I don't want to suffer. No
What we need to be afraid of is

Epilogue. It's not that. Nevertheless
writer's review
a reference book

Indeed, after reading hundreds of books, I learned that the secret to happiness for all great people converges into some straightforward words. These were the things.

Here you go.
And myself
Please remember these three words.

So did poet Na Tae-joo.
It's pretty if you look closely
It's lovely to see for a long time
Just like you.

In my diary, I grew up in a culture where I was more used to writing 'I hate myself' and being cool myself.
There is an old story like this in India.
"People were in a pot. Well, yes. They were barely breathing, with their necks submerged in pot water." The sage passing by asked them, 'What do you want me to do?' Then do you know what they said?
'Sir, that kid over there keeps running and splashing poop. Every time that's when the rolling poop comes into our noses. What we want is that. Please tell him to stay still.'
I'm sorry, guys. This is our reality. Wake up!"
We are sick of what has hardened to move in any way. Nevertheless, we must uncover the lies and hypocrisy stuck in our minds. Even through the long process above, we must find our lies. Because, like a small stone in a shoe, it makes us endlessly and ultimately uncomfortable and keeps us from growing.