[100 Challenge] DanJi’s reading note_82

[100 Challenge] DanJi’s reading note_82

The global race for battery dominance and the new energy revolution
Lucas Bednarski
Publisher: Hurst Publishers
Published: 01 DEC, 2021

Chapter 1. Made in China
Electric cars in the U.S. and electric bicycles in China
a joint venture and a subsidized car
a common dream
a new energy revolution that began with a letter
a huge laboratory
1,000 Electric Vehicles in 10 Cities

Chapter 2 More Battery, More Lithium
Success and Vertical Sequencing of BYD
'Jin' Unifies China
New Territories, New Resources
Saint-Schai, Stalin, Chiang Kai-shek
China's First Lithium Processing Facility
The development of nuclear weapons is changing the tide

Chapter 3 Giant in the Battery Supply Chain
an unknown new business
Ganfeng Lithium found the answer in the gap
The Law of the Emerging Markets, the Winner's Tackling
an all-out battle for fresh air
The Hong Kong Stock Exchange's Bells Ring
From lithium mining to lithium processing
Differences from No. 1 Albu Mal
Today and Tomorrow at Lithium Price
Australia's delicate relationship with China

Chapter 4, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese troika and dark horses
refusal to become the representative of the people
Eat Up World's Largest Lithium Company SQM
Tianqi is higher than the sky
Chinese Capital Trailing the Lithium Industry
Outstanding but lagging competitors, the U.S. and Japan
the outbreak of a trade war
LG Became Europe's Hope
There is no oversupply
Lithium Mining and Resource Nationalism
Europe to Focus on Lithium Compounds and Cathode Materials
India Dreaming of Dark Horse

Chapter 5 The Lithium Triangle in Latin America
signs of a coup
the advice of a revolutionary
a young and ambitious reformer
Relay of Stock Price Manipulation and Economic Cohesion
Saudi Arabia of lithium, Chile
$18 million poured into a salt lake
Chile's dreams of electric vehicle production
No, focus on lithium mining
Fond of POSCO and Chile
a tug-of-war with CORFO that never ends
Who is hindering economic growth
Great steeplechase runner, SQM

Chapter 6 Confused Politics and a Shaky Lithium Industry
Argentina's specialty, default
Eramet Challenges Mining Underdeveloped Countries
Blinding Environmental Impact Assessment
the stolen rights of indigenous peoples

Chapter 7 Barren Land full of possibilities
Bolivia's 'White Oil'
FMC entered the battle for the milk salt garden
between the two sides
an electric cargo ship that travels off Norway
Harmony of positive electrode, negative electrode, and electrolyte
Increase the energy density
A future roadmap hidden in the periodic table
$100 per kilowatt hour
Can I Replace Lithium
Achilles heel and all-solid battery
the golden age of batteries

The element has only three protons, redefining how humanity thinks about energy in the 21st century. Solar panels and wind farms have been producing renewable energy for decades. The last puzzle piece of closed system 2 is the lithium-based battery. We are at the starting point of a revolutionary change that can be used to store energy from renewable sources and operate cars and portable electronic devices. Someday, this green energy will become the fuel for cargo ships that carry consumer goods used daily. During the holiday season, we can fly abroad without worrying about carbon footprint 3.
If you are particularly interested in the lithium and battery industry, units such as lithium carbonate equivalent, LCE7, gigawatt hours, and GWh8 are known.
What Does China's Lithium Processing Facilities Play?
Why is cathode material so important in batteries?
China's efforts to secure the highest quality of lithium abroad.
In the past, when it was fighting over hydrocarbons, this country did not have much power in both purely commercial and political means. However, you will not miss the opportunity to occupy the most important position at the table where lithium is distributed internationally.
From lithium market officials, Augusto Pinochet's son-in-law led Latin America's largest lithium producer behind the curtain and the story surrounding Bolivia's "lithium coup."

Lithium and environmental issues.
The impact of the transition to electric vehicles on carbon dioxide emissions.
Like all mining activities, lithium mining causes a series of environmental problems. Unlike other metals, lithium is mainly obtained by consuming enormous amounts of water in areas where water is scarce. The extraction of lithium from brine 鹽 water is called 'water mining' by people in the industry. Even if electric vehicles save us in urban areas where nitrogen dioxide, which has no color or smell, consumes our lungs, most of the electric energy that charges it is made by burning coal, even in developed countries.

Recycling and urban mining.
Lithium is theoretically a metal that can be recycled indefinitely, so it can follow the path that lead has taken. Lead was mainly mined from mines in the past, but now it fills most of the market demand with recycling. Creating an utterly circular closed-loop system 10 of the battery economy through so-called urban mining that extracts elements from discarded objects around it has become a goal like the faith of several unique and innovative startups.

Looking to the future, we discuss projects to make electricity-powered airplanes or cargo ships a reality. We also look at how the transition to electric vehicles will affect the existing supply chain centered on internal combustion engines. The automobile industry has contributed to the success of the EU's largest economy, and this structure has been maintained for decades. Is electrification an opportunity for brands such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW?
Central and Eastern European countries, such as Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary, have benefited enormously from supplying parts to the German automobile industry, which boasts global competitiveness.