[100 Challenge] DanJi’s reading note_73

[100 Challenge] DanJi’s reading note_73

How to stop worrying and start living
Dale Carnegie
Publisher: Gallery Books
Published: 05 OCT, 2004

Dale Carnegie was born in 1888 in Missouri, the United States, the son of a poor farmer. Even in an environment where he had to help with farming from dawn, he dreamed of learning with enthusiasm. He has enjoyed speaking in public since he was a child. After graduating from Warrensburg State Teachers College, he went through various jobs dealing with people, including as a teacher and a salesman. He had a hard time in poor surroundings when he worked as a truck seller. He wanted to publish a book since college, so he made a decision. He resolved to read books, prepare lectures, and write novels and short stories during the day. Since 1912, the YMCA has taught conversation methods and public speeches at night and educated adults on human relations. People were enthusiastic about his lectures, which presented his rich examples and practical principles. He then wrote The Theory of Human Relations.

1. Live faithfully today.
Close the past and the future with an iron door and live in today's space.
2. A magic formula to solve your worries
Ask yourself the worst that can happen.
Be prepared to accept if it's unavoidable.
Calm down and try to improve the worst.
3. the effect of worry on life
Business people who don't know how to fight worries tend to die early.
How to get rid of your worries
Always be busy. You have to concentrate on your actions.
Don't be upset by trivial things to ignore and forget.
Objectively, I figure out what probability something I'm worried about will happen.
If you can't avoid it, accept it.
Don't dwell on the past.

How to call peace and happiness
Think and act happily, and you'll have fun.
Revenge only hurts you more. Don't waste a minute trying to get more in return for your enemies.
Never mind that you are not grateful. Jesus, who healed ten leprosy patients, was also thanked by only one person.
Remember to give for the joy of giving.
Don't look at the problems I have, but count the blessings I have.
Don't copy others, but live as I am.
When fate hands lemons, try to make lemonade.
Try to give a little happiness to others.

Don't worry about being criticized
Unfair criticism is another aspect of praise. It means that you are jealous.
After doing your best, raise your umbrella so you don't get wet in the rain of criticism.
Record your stupidity and criticize yourself constructively.

How to prevent fatigue and anxiety and boost vitality and motivation
Rest before you get tired.
Relax and learn to work.
Take care of your appearance.
Remove all irrelevant documents from your desk.
Do things in order of importance.
When faced with a problem, please don't put it off and solve it immediately.
Learn to organize, delegate, and manage.
Work with enthusiasm.