[American dream] what I have to prepare for visa?_02

[American dream] what I have to prepare for visa?_02


If you travel to the U.S., you can get an East Visa online. Technically, this is not a visa. Visa-free entry is possible in the U.S. and Korea so that you can stay visa-free for three months. However, if your stay is delayed even for one day, you will become an illegal immigrant, so you must obtain a non-immigrant visa or an immigration visa to stay in the U.S. for a long time.

The types of visas vary depending on the purpose. You must prepare documents by selecting categories that suit your situation, such as marriage, employment, investment, students, and refugees. Most people will either study, get a job, or get married. However, even if you decide what kind of visa you want for what purpose, U.S. visas are complicated because they are categorized in detail by category. Each category has a different document to prepare, so if you don't, you're likely to waste time and money, and you won't be sure whether it's approved.

You'll find the contact information of an attorney's office while browsing the Internet. You may also come into contact with brokers if you send emails or can't reach them well. You'll be at a loss about how much the correct fee is and what kind of lawyer you should hire.

The appointment of a lawyer is significant. The success rate depends on what kind of lawyer you are seeing. Visa approval and rejection can sometimes change your direction in life. Starting with a lawyer and proceeding with the work is very dangerous. Because they can not determine your eligibility. After signing a contract, their time is charged for everything, so it's natural to pay extra if they don't meet the necessary conditions in time. If the client doesn't know anything, they will be dragged around by the dignity of an expert even after paying the fee.

From now on, I will tell you what to do before hiring a lawyer. Before meeting a lawyer, you will find that visa approval is not difficult if you prepare your information and circumstances, such as which direction you should go in, what category suits you, and what kind of materials and situations you need. This is why I am writing this article.

There is one thing to note. You may fall into a misjudgment that you don't need a lawyer and can handle everything on your own because you prepared this well, which is a grand illusion. The Immigration Bureau hates false information and is sensitive, so it is very good at catching utterly different information. Suppose the Immigration Bureau rejects you for just one tiny mistake in your visa document. In that case, it is unfavorable for your re-examination, and you may have to say goodbye to your dream of entering the United States forever. After you are ready to do your own thing, you must trust experts unconditionally. Please don't waste money on experts, and let's pay appropriately.

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