There are two ways to be rich.

There are two ways to be rich.

One sells many things, and the other deals at a high price. Whether it's knowledge, ideas, or objects, you can become wealthy when your value is recognized by converting it into money. Which of these two things did the wealthy focus on to become rich? Which of these two should I choose? The rich choose both. It just sets the order. Sell a lot of money or raise the price high after selling a lot. When selling tangible or intangible products, you continue to balance these two conditions, expand and repeat them, and become rich by winning the title of success.

There are two ways for an artist to succeed. Sell a lot or sell a lot. It isn't easy to sell at a high price. It's not hard when it's cotton. It's impossible. Then there is only one choice. It's a lot to sell. You have to draw a lot to sell a lot. And you have to show a lot. After a massive amount of sales, you can raise the price. Now they sell a lot at an increased cost. I have to draw a lot to sell a lot. The problem here is self-replication. At first, the brilliant idea was fresh, but if self-replication continues, the artist's artistry becomes boring and an empty airport. To pay for artwork is to pay for the artist's unusual, unique creativity. The continued progress of creative thinking is like continuing to inject vast amounts of knowledge. A writer must continue to develop himself to maintain his reputation. The method is the same even if you go up to the next step. You have to sell more and more expensive.

There are two ways to become rich as a collector. First, buy the work at a relatively low price and wait a long time for the writer to succeed. And later, when the artist succeeds, he puts his work on the market. The other is to buy already expensive pieces and sell them more expensive. Buying costly and selling more expensive is possible with less risk and money. However, the premise that there is only money is challenging. Then there is only one choice. It is to wait a long time after purchasing the work of an artist who is not yet famous. The problem is that the writer doesn't become famous after waiting a long time. There is also a mishap in which the writer stops working. Then, which artist should the collector choose? The answer is shown above. In the future, you should choose a writer who can continue selling a lot at a high price. What should I do to find out such a writer?
Collectors should go to see a lot of works and exhibitions or pay a lot of money to buy their works. However, the premise is that there should be enough money to purchase various pieces. If this is impossible, there is only one way. It's a lot to see. One thing to note is that you will likely become a ho-gang-nim in art investment lectures or guided tours at art fairs you signed up for. The market has no interest in protecting your money. I'm only interested in taking away your money. This is because the market knows when you will open your wallet and when you will close it. Before the time comes for you to complete your wallet, an individual will not be able to win the tremendous energy that you throw away one more thing and struggle to take away cash.

There are two ways to be rich. First, you have to sell a lot of products. The other one should be sold at a high price. Sell a lot, raise the price, and sell a lot. I repeat these two over and over again. One thing to note is that you need to upgrade when you sell at a high price.

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