Conditions of Good Art — Representation (EP.3) Recognition from the public

Conditions of Good Art — Representation (EP.3) Recognition from the public


Among the conditions of great works of art, recognition from the public in representation seems to be the last step in all of these journeys. He was popular means that the public knows more than what the public likes and acknowledges it. Who comes to mind when you think of an artist? Should I say that? Pablo Picasso is an insurmountable famous artist who makes it difficult for all artists until the 21st century. The public's love for Picasso is so great that he was still like this even when he was a Picasso. A colossal being ranked at the top of the search ranking every year!! His name is Pablo Picasso.

The word genius is used a lot these days. Song genius, painting genius, soccer genius, face genius, etc. Do you know who used the word genius for the first time? Immanuel Kant (1724-1804). He is a philosopher who developed the genius theory in his book "Criticism of Judgment." This word is new to me that the word, which is now used as a joke, was such a profound philosophical meaning. The people Kant calls geniuses are artists. These artists are all geniuses, but the representative artist that we now call a genius artist is Pablo Picasso. Having already learned how to reproduce three-dimensional objects on a plane as a child, he made countless sketches to forget this method and produced more than seven works a day on average. Some geniuses, like Leonardo da Vinci, have left only a few pieces in their lives, but some have been prolific, like Picasso. He said, 'I've been trying to paint like a child for 50 years.' Cubism's 'dimensional wave' was born from his efforts.

Picasso marked the beginning of the cubist style through Avignon's maidens. The early 20th century, when Cubism appeared, was when various cultural and social changes occurred. It was a time when the opening of doors to the East and the West, colonization, and war, Einstein's theory of relativity, and Freud's psychoanalysis newly emerged and began to enter an industrialized society. Cubism was born in this background of the times. These paintings may seem ordinary now, but to compare people's thoughts and painting styles at the time, this cubism expression technique, which contains various perspectives on one screen at a time, was quite shocking. And Picasso was also a big hit then. When you think of an artist, you often think of a story that becomes famous after he dies after failing to sell a painting for the rest of his life, but Picasso was hot then, and now he is hotter. We have learned about Picasso since we were young and are still looking for him. He was recorded in history as the artist who founded Cubism and has been steadily learning through books and art galleries. Picasso, the figure that everyone thinks of when they think of an artist, is a painter who is fully recognized by the public and has acquired representation in this most common way. So what about Banksy? Banksy is an author who received love calls from experts or the mayor after being known to the public. Usually, experts introduce writers first and distribute them in the market, and in his case, he is active with full support from the public, as you can see from the number of SNS followers of 365k. Banksy is not the only author popular with the public. Hundreds of thousands of famous writers also follow SNS these days. However, as we looked at the conditions of great works of art earlier, it is not essential where they started. It can be a great work of art only when it has the requirements of representation that experts recognize, the public, and the market. And it's only when you realize such works in advance and purchase them before you have word that you have a thriving art collection.

In this way, we looked at the conditions of the official fine artwork, the essential art collecting, and the workability of the times and representation. Now you'll be reminded of this condition no matter what you look at. The art world becomes healthy if more collectors have a high-quality view of recognizing good works without being swayed by any noise or trend. Now that you have the eyes to see much higher work than before, I believe you will choose more valuable pieces even on the same budget.

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