A. S  Solo exhibition. ‘Touch of nature’

A. S Solo exhibition. ‘Touch of nature’



ART NYC introduces A.S 15 photography as her portrait and landscape. This exhibition is a virtual art show by ART NYC, placed in Artplacer. You can click on the link or find ART NYC on the Art placer.

A. S is a painter and photographer.

She loves to capture her life history in her artworks. When she was a young girl she watched her father working in his garden every day and that inspired her to create beautiful pieces of painting around nature with her pencil colors. That time she realized a world of indefinite beauty, away from all the daily chaos in people’s life.

She tried using different mediums, such as painting oil, Acrylics, and watercolor by a young girl. She loves Piet Mondrian, William Turner, and Vincent Van Gogh. Their paintings inspire her works.

When she was 16, she decided to change major in high school and go to Art High school, which was a revolt decision living in the middle east where most kids are attending engineering or medical majors. But being honest with her feelings helped her to convince her family to make the transfer. After that, she continued her journey at the  University of Art, where she learned more about Iranian foremost modern artist who is an international figure, Sohrab Sepehri. She thought that he was the one who was looking for her.

She started to express her feelings be affected by the great master artists on canvas and photographs what is her beautiful calm world in her imagination by painting pieces of nature using the technique she created.

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